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Product Review: Bell and Evans Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders

Posted by: Marissa on Aug. 24, 2010

I am nothing if not a product of the “microwave generation”. I like my food fast, convenient, and usually fried. It has only been in the last few years that I have become really conscious of my nutrition and the food that I put into my body. A good portion of that awareness came when I switched to a gluten free diet and started reading all of those labels.

I became fully aware of my change in attitude while grocery shopping with my sister one day. I was holding a package of cooked chicken strips and realized that I had no desire to put “chicken powder” in my body. I mean, what is that?

All that aside, the thing that impresses me about the gluten free product that I am reviewing today is that it satisfies both sides of my nature. Bell and Evans Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders are pretty decent as far as nutrition goes. The chicken has no antibiotics, no preservatives, no artificial flavorings and no fillers. The breading is pretty simply made as well. It was very nice to be eating breaded chicken tenders without feeling like I had to apologize to my body afterwards :)

These chicken tenders are “flash fried to set the breading” but they are not fully cooked. They should be handled with all the respect due to raw chicken. They bake for 25-30 minutes, which, conveniently, is the same amount of time needed to bake tator tots :) You could fry them instead, but all that extra grease isn’t necessary since they bake up crispy and golden brown.

The texture of Bell and Evans Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders is almost perfect. The chicken is juicy and tender and the breading is nice and crispy. The flavor of the chicken is good, but the breading is so bland that it has almost no flavor at all. You definitely want a good dipping sauce for these.

At $7.99 a box, I would consider these a bit pricey. The box claims to hold three servings, but when D.D. and I split the box between the two of us she was still hungry. Thank goodness we had those tator tots.

Overall, I would say that these gluten free chicken tenders are very convenient and kid approved. I will buy them again when I am too lazy to bread my own chicken (which happens a lot).

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