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Product Review: Applegate Farms Chicken Breast Tenders

Posted by: Marissa on Aug. 16, 2011

Applegate Farms obviously takes a lot of pride in their chicken. They raise their chickens humanely using no antibiotics. The chicken breast tenders are certified gluten free and contain no added nitrates or nitrites. They are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients. I have to say that all this love shines through with this product.

Ease of Use

These gluten free chicken strips are very easy to make. You have the choice of using the microwave or conventional oven to cook them and making that choice is the biggest challenge here.


There were six chicken strips in the box. Out of those six, four were tiny! This is the only box of these I have ever bought, so I have no idea if this is typical.

As far as the overall appearance goes, I must say they look pretty tasty. The strips are well coated with golden brown breading. You can see bits of pepper and spices in the breading.

Taste and Texture

As the appearance of the breading promised, Applegate Farms Chicken Breast Tenders are very tasty. The breading is extremely flavorful. I cooked my chicken tenders in the oven and they came out nice and crispy.

The chicken tenders are made using whole pieces of chicken. Nothing is chopped and re-formed. It was moist and tender - Delicious! I was actually surprised that I liked them so much since I normally don’t enjoy fully cooked, re-heated chicken. There was no unpleasant taste with these, though, just great chicken.


You can wrap them, dunk them or chop them up in a salad. Any way you eat them they do not disappoint.

Overall Value

Here’s a funny happenstance for you - I have no idea how much these cost. The grocery store I bought them from did not have the barcode for them programmed in (they had to guess at a price) and I haven’t been able to find a price online. I can tell you that even though the pieces are small, they are worth buying at least once.


I really enjoyed these gluten free chicken tenders. I think they are the best I have tried so far.

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