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Product Review: Instant Mashed Potato Flakes

Posted by: Marissa on Aug. 23, 2011

I know that product reviews generally are done to highlight a particular brand or company. Today, though, I wanted to deviate from the norm a bit to highlight a must have for the gluten free pantry. This review should be taken in a very generalized way since there are so many different brands available. That being said, let me explain why I think this product (that every gourmet chef would scoff at) is a must have.

Ease of Use

Instant mashed potato flakes are made from dried potatoes. To use them, you just add water and wait for them to fluff up. They are super simple to add to any recipe, anytime.


This is often used as fake snow in plays and YouTube videos, mainly because it looks a bit like snow. If you used the flakes to make a bowl of mashed potatoes then what you end up with will bear a striking resemblance to mashed potatoes :)

Taste and Texture

This category varies greatly by brand. You can find mashed potato flakes in all different flavors, from cardboard to five cheese and bacon. I definitely recommend you experiment a bit to find the brand that works best for you. I have found several brands and flavors that are delicious, and most are naturally gluten free. Always check your packages to be sure!


These last two categories make up the main reasons why I say that Instant Mashed Potato Flakes are a must have for the gluten free pantry. The versatility of this product is just about limitless. Here are some of my favorite uses:


*Thickening (for soups and casseroles)

*Meatloaf (instead of bread crumbs)


We also use these handy little flakes for kitchen experiments. One night we mixed a can of chicken, some mashed potato flakes and some seasoning in a bowl and made patties with the mixture. We pan fried the patties and they turned out really good. D.D. and I were both surprised. (I’m pretty sure I can see the look on your face right now… Just remember, don’t knock it till you try it :)

Overall Value

Instant Mashed Potato Flakes are really cheap! You get limitless versatility and many uses for pennies. I bought an off brand box of unflavored flakes for $1 the other day. Prices and quantities will vary by brand, but these will never break the bank.


There are so many uses for this product that you could use it every day and still not use them to make plain mashed potatoes. For that and the price, I love this stuff. I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

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