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Product Review: Apple Pie Prana Bar

Posted by: Marissa on Sept. 13, 2011

I got to try my second Prana Bar today. I was excited about it, but not near as excited as D.D., who jumped out of her chair and practically flew across the room when I asked her if she wanted to split it with me. I feel bad now for not sharing the Coconut Acai Prana Bar when I reviewed it a couple weeks ago. I figure if she gets this excited about something so super nutritious then I should bring them home more often.

Ease of Use

This bar is easy to unwrap and eat. It is not too sticky to be eaten on the go.


Apple Pie Prana Bar is dark brown in color and laced throughout with walnuts, puffed amaranth (which, if you have never seen it, looks like itty bitty white balls) and large dried apple pieces.

Taste and Texture

The bar is sweet and fruity with a hint of spice. The flavor is good, but bears no resemblance to apple pie.

The texture is great for the most part. The smooth date paste carries the amaranth puffs nicely. Unfortunately, there is an off-texture in there somewhere. It reminds me of the tiny husk area that surrounds an apple seed inside the apple.


This might be tasty chopped up in a bowl with milk on it, like granola.

Overall Value

Prana Bars ring up for less than $2 each. They are about the least expensive I have found in the “raw power food” category.


I liked the Apple Pie Prana Bar, but it wasn’t a favorite. I think I will stick to the Coconut Acai in the future (unless I find one even better).

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