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Product Review: Cranberry Almond Pop Crickle

Posted by: Marissa on Sept. 9, 2011

Pop Crickle is a fun snack that combines popcorn, fruit, nuts and super sweet crunchy coatings. It’s like the gourmet version of Crunch ’n’ Munch. There are several flavors available, including PopDrizzle/">Pop Drizzle, which I reviewed a couple weeks ago. I’m slowly making my way through all the flavors that are available in my grocery store. I am really liking the combinations and flavors that these snacks offer. Today I am happy to introduce Cranberry Almond:

Ease of Use

The hardest part of eating Pop Crickle is that the popcorn tends to stick in large clumps. In truth, I really like the clumps, but it does create more crumbs than individual pieces would. On an unrelated note, popcorn goes stale really fast so I love the fact that Pop Crickle comes in a re-sealable bag to retain freshness.


This tasty snack is appealing to the eye - It’s downright pretty! The popcorn is big, white and fluffy looking. There are whole almonds and beautiful red dried cranberries spread throughout. Each piece is coated with a shiny candy coating.

Taste and Texture

The popcorn is as fluffy as it looks, while being crunchy at the same time. I find myself wondering why I can’t make popcorn that turns out this well at home. The texture is exactly as it should be, soft and chewy dried fruit combined with crunchy almonds and candy coated popcorn.

The flavors in this concoction mix very well. The tanginess of cranberries is perfect to compliment the super sweet coating. The almonds add a subtle flavor that blends wonderfully with the buttery undertones of the popcorn. This snack comes with a word of caution: If you aren’t careful you will eat the whole bag before you realize it.


This gluten free snack is great the way it is. I don’t see room for it to be very versatile.

Overall Value

Normally an 8oz. bag runs around $6, but we were able to pick up a few bags on sale for about half price. My advice is to look for the sales :)


I really like the Cranberry Almond flavor of Pop Crickle and look forward to trying the other flavors offered.

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