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Product Review: Key Lime Pie LaraBar

Posted by: Marissa on Dec. 7, 2011

I’m still making my way through different flavors of LaraBars. I like these because they are inexpensive, healthy and I am amazed by the variety. The flavor of the day is Key Lime Pie. I think I formed an opinion on this one as soon as I opened the wrapper. It smelled a bit like citrus kitchen cleaner. That is not the best first impression when we are talking about food.

Ease of Use

LaraBars are made to travel with you. They are solid packed and easy to take along or grab out of the cabinet.


This bar is the usual solidly packed brown rectangle. It seems to have bigger chunks of nuts than most of the other LaraBars I’ve tried.

Taste and Texture

I am happy to report that this bar tastes nothing like kitchen cleaner. Even so, I wasn’t thrilled with the flavor. You have to be a huge fan of citrus to love this one. I can’t even say that the flavor was distinctly lime. The dates and the nuts have their own flavor and the overall effect is not very cohesive. The texture was good, but the larger chunks of nuts broke up the softness of the bar a bit too much for me.


My first thought on this is that this bar would make an amazing crust for a cheesecake. It would have a mouthwatering citrus punch and the filling would help to blend the flavors.

Overall Value

These bars go for a couple dollars each. I do like the value.


I won’t look for the Key Lime Pie flavor again unless I decide to take the plunge on the cheesecake experiment. It didn’t thrill me.

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