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Product Review: Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Chips

Posted by: Marissa on Dec. 2, 2011

I spent the day running around town and grabbed a snack size bag of chips to keep my blood sugar up. I am so glad I did! These chips are full of the things I do like (fiber and whole grains) and have none of the things I avoid (chemicals, additives, etc.) I am pleased.

Ease of Use

The bag was VERY well sealed. I had to borrow a pair of scissors to open it. Other than that, they are perfect to grab and go.


Each chip is a beautiful blue/purple hexagon. You can see see grains and seeds all through them.

Taste and Texture

These chips are awesome! They have the same warm depth of flavor that I remember Wheat Thins having. First you get the flavor of a corn chip, then the other flavors sneak in and fill your mouth with yum. They are lightly salted, which adds to the overall effect.

The texture is wonderful as well. The chips are thick and roughly textured. There are a lot of grains mixed in there and each one adds to the crunch.


I would dip or top these chips with anything. I think they would compliment any flavor.

Overall Value

The snack sized bag I bought was only a dollar. A full size bag is under $4 and so worth every cent.


I love them!

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