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Product Review: Le Pain des Fleurs - “The Bread of Flowers”

Posted by: Marissa on May 31, 2012

Aside from having a beautiful name, these crackers (crispbreads) have a lot to offer. They are all natural and non-GMO (which I love). They are also low fat, cholesterol free and low sodium. The only ingredients are buckwheat flour, whole cane sugar and sea salt.

Ease of Use

Inside the cardboard box are two plastic wrapped packages of crispbreads. I like the fact that I only really have half of the package open at one time since they will stay fresh longer that way.


These crackers are about four inches long and about two inches wide. They have a rough, uneven, bubbled texture and light brown color.

Taste and Texture

The crunchy-crackily texture, combined with the robust, earthy-natural flavor is a winning combination. These crackers are simply made and have just a hint of salt. I don’t recommend eating them at your desk, however, due to the fact that little bitty crumbs will get everywhere.


The giant size makes them great for fun recipes like pizza, and the texture would compliment just about any spread or dip.

Overall Value

My box of 28 crackers cost $4.99. That’s not a bad price for the quality and size.


I really like the natural flavor and crunch of these crackers. I will be looking for the other flavors in this line.

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