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Product Review: Udi’s Hamburger Buns

Posted by: Marissa on May 22, 2012

The sun is shining, the air is warm, and the breeze is starting to carry the constant smells of backyard grills. I love this season. It is a time to gather with your friends on the back porch and enjoy delicious food and brilliant conversation. In this part of the country we are blessed to have fireflies that twinkle in every shadow of the twilight.

In honor of the beginning days of Summer, I thought that now would be the perfect time to taste-test Udi’s Hamburger Buns. I have not kept it secret that I love just about everything Udi’s makes. They are among my top favorites when it comes to gluten free food. The gluten free hamburger buns have certainly not let me down. They are dairy free, soy free, nut free, certified gluten free and contain 4g of fiber and 5g protein per serving.

Ease of Use

The buns come frozen in packages of four. Like most bread, they thaw fast. You can pull the package out of the freezer when you first get the grill started and they should be good to go when you are ready to eat.


They look like gourmet style hamburger buns. Golden brown in color and the perfect size to fit in your hand.

Taste and Texture

These buns are REALLY good! They taste like a cross between a bakery roll and a bagel. The texture is not far off from that either. The best part is that they are solid without being tough. These buns will make it from the first bite of burger to the last without making you reach for a fork.


In all honesty, I am just as likely to toast one and eat it with breakfast as I am to use it as a burger bun. Today I ate one straight out of the package for a snack. They are tasty enough to be used with any meal.

Overall Value

A package of four buns will run about $5 - and they are worth every penny. I’m going to be looking for coupons to help support this new habit. :)


I love everything about this product except the price. Even that is not enough to keep me away, though.

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