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Product Review: Beanitos Pinto Bean and Flax Chips - Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Posted by: Marissa on June 26, 2012

Beanitos chips are just pure fun. They have a light crunch and bold flavor, with beans, rice and flax seeds as the main ingredients. They are corn free, gluten free, high fiber and have 4g complete protein. They are also low glycemic certified.

Ease of Use

Just open the bag and munch.


These chips are large and round. They are dark brown in color and have flax seeds in them. There is a light dusting of flavor powder on each one.

Taste and Texture

They taste kind of like a microwave burrito! The cheese flavor is very light, but you can definitely taste the beans. I love the spicy kick.

The texture is amazing. The chips are crispy, light and thin, with little bubbles that make them even crisper. The flax seeds add a silky texture to the crunch, making these a very satisfying snack.


Anywhere, anytime :) Seriously, they’re chips.

Overall Value

You can pick up a 6oz. bag for $3.95. They are pretty pricey, but pretty tasty too.


I love these chips. I am excited that they are corn free since I have several friends that have gone corn free recently.

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