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Product Review: Hodgson Mill Gluten free Cookie Mix

Posted by: Marissa on July 27, 2012

My sweet little girl made me cookies! I love it when this happens. Apparently she was inspired by the fact that the cookie jar was empty. With this kind of proactive attitude, you can rest assured that I will do my best to empty the cookie jar more often.

Ease of Use

According to D.D., the hardest part of this mix was deciding what flavor of cookie to make. The mix by itself is pretty simple. Just add 1/2 cup butter, one egg and one to two teaspoons vanilla. There are recipes on the back for including the flavorings needed to make different kinds of cookies. D.D. chose the chocolate cookies (no big surprise there).

She was surprised when she tried to use the mixer and found that it really did her no good at all. She said, “No big deal, though, I just washed my hands and dug in to do it myself.” Since I was eating a cookie when she told me this I was very grateful that we had covered proper hand washing in the kitchen! The dough may have been too dry for the mixer, but when mixed by hand it went together just fine.

Our cookies came out crispy, about the same texture as ginger snaps. D.D. says that next time she will cook them for less time than it calls for on the box to get softer cookies.


The dough was dry and slightly grainy before baking. The finished cookies were beautiful. They had an even texture and a deep chocolate brown color.

Taste and Texture

Like I mentioned before, the cookies had a texture like ginger snaps. They were crisp and had a good bite. The flavor was very rich and tasty. The chocolate flavor came through very well and there was no hint of a gluten free aftertaste.


The box includes recipes for almond cookies, pecan cookies, chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Since this mix is just a cookie base, I’d imagine that any cookie flavor or combination would work. I also think that the dough could be used to make a crust or large cookie.

Overall Value

We got two dozen cookies for under $3. It would cost me a lot more than that to go out and buy all of the different flours needed to get these results. I call that a win.


I was really pleased with the results of this gluten free cookie mix. I will use it again… or get D.D. to do it.

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