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Product Review: Joy Gluten Free Sugar Cones

Posted by: Marissa on July 10, 2012

I spent a good deal of time testing these gluten free ice cream cones from Joy Cone Company. I had no choice but to eat several of the cones, filled with my favorite flavors of frozen yogurt, in order to bring you the most accurate review possible… Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE my job?

One word of caution with this product: Joy also makes a lot of cones that are not gluten free. Don't forget to check the labels. The gluten free sugar cones are clearly marked.

Ease of Use

Inside the bright blue box are two packages of six cones each. They are protected by hard sleeves and plastic wrap, meaning that the cones are whole and fresh. To use one, just fill it with your favorite frozen treat and enjoy.


These cones are cone shaped (predictably) with the waffle pattern we all know and love. Looking at them, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the gluten free sugar cone or a regular gluten filled one.

Taste and Texture

As my father would say, “Good gracious, heavens to mirgatroid! These cones are tasty basty!” Yes, we really do talk like that :) These cones really are good, exactly what I remember a sugar cone tasting like. They are light and crispy with a sweet and rich flavor. They stay crispy all the way to the last bite. The only problem is that every one I tried dripped through the hole in the bottom. This is a typical sugar cone problem, if I remember correctly, and is easily remedied by a napkin.


You can use sugar cones to create really cool turrets on a gluten free cake that has a castle theme.

Overall Value

I bought my cones on sale and am finding different prices all over the place. I have it narrowed down to a price of $3 - $4 for a box of twelve cones. They are well worth it.


I love these cones. They are on my Summer ‘must have’ list.

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