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Product Review: Edward & Sons Onion and Garlic Rice Snax

Posted by: Marissa on July 20, 2012

It’s happy snack time again! The crunchy goodness found in Edward & Sons Onion and Garlic Rice Snax comes with a few benefits. These gluten free crackers are vegan, gluten free, trans-fat free and they have 26g whole grain per serving.

Ease of Use

The crackers come ready to eat right out of the package.


Inside the pretty green box is a foil bag filled with bite size crackers in various fun shapes. The crackers are thin, finely textured and covered with white flavor powder.

Taste and Texture

The flavor is as bold as the package promises. It is slightly tangy, with plenty of onion and garlic bite. They have a light and crispy crunch that is very munchable.


These would make a great party snack, but you’ll need several boxes to feed a crowd.

Overall Value

The 2.8oz. box cost under $2. The box does not hold a very large amount, but you get the same satisfaction and better nutrition than you would with a snack bag of chips, for the same price.


These are tasty and have a great texture. I will buy them again.

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