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Product Review: RP’s Pasta Company Spinach Fettuccine

Posted by: Marissa on July 5, 2012

Earlier this week I introduced you to RP’s Pasta Company and their oh-so-perfect-for-pasta-salad fusilli. Today we are sticking with the same company, but trying a whole different pasta.

The spinach fettuccine is sold fresh and certified gluten free. It features natural ingredients and the totally lovable slogan, “From Farm to Fork with a Conscience”.

Ease of Use

The directions on the package say to cook in boiling water for two to three minutes or until al dente. I cooked mine for about three minutes and it was a little too al dente. I would suggest allowing a little bit of extra cook time and testing it often.


These bright green noodles are long and flat. This is the thick kind of fettuccine, exactly what you would expect from fresh pasta.

Taste and Texture

The pasta had a delicious, fresh flavor and a slightly bitter aftertaste. The flavor of the spinach did not overpower anything. I paired it with a light cream sauce and was not disappointed.

The texture was superb. The noodles were thick and hearty and had a great bite to them.


I would recommend RP’s Pasta Company Spinach Fettuccine for any dish that requires a thick, hearty pasta. It seems like it will mesh well with most other flavors.

Overall Value

The 9 oz. package was enough to feed my family of three for under four dollars.


I was very pleased with this product and won’t hesitate to buy it again.

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