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Christmas Morning Breakfast...from simple to special!

Posted by: valeriefender on Nov. 22, 2009


For my family, Christmas morning is a special time. We look forward to the quiet morning together as a family. Typically, our breakfast is not fancy, but we do try to make it special. Our family is a bit larger than some, so meals at our house are always a bit of a production anyway.

No matter the size of your family, making Christmas morning breakfast a memorable one is not as hard as you may think. Little things cane make it special and many of these special touches can be done ahead of time. Our goal on Christmas morning is to be relaxed, enjoy our morning and not create a huge mess that has to be cleaned up before any Christmas Day guests arrive.

If you want your morning to be a totally free morning, free of cooking and added work, no problem. All it takes is a bit of prep work the day before. There are so many options to fit any taste. All you will have to do on Christmas morning is make the coffee, hot chocolate or tea and pull the containers full of goodies out of the refrigerator or cupboard. Simple!

To achieve this simple breakfast, without opening a box of cold cereal, you will want to spend a bit of time in the kitchen the day before. Not to worry though, it will not require a day of baking! Try making cranberry orange scones, they are a wonderful treat with your morning coffee. Add a tray of fresh fruit and you will have a happy family.

Another tasty option, requiring a bit more of your time, is bread pudding. You can use any of your favorite gluten free bread recipes, even quick breads work well if they are left out on the counter to dry out a bit after slicing. One of my family's favorites is Pumpkin Bread Pudding. The Pumpkin Pastry Sticks that are used in this recipe also make a wonderful breakfast treat. Come to think of it, even the Cranberry Orange Scone recipe mentioned above would make a great bread pudding, if you could manage to not eat them all before the pudding was put together.

For some, spending time in the kitchen on Christmas morning together as a family is part of the tradition of the day. There have been occasions that we have also wanted to do this. Makes for some fun memories! I have fond memories of my husband standing our 2 year old son up on a chair and having him help fry eggs for our family one Christmas morning. Such a cute picture in my mind. Our little guy looked like he had been asked to do a great thing.

So many wonderful memories can be made in your kitchen, even frying a simple egg can make a wonderful memory! How about pancakes, puffy oven pancakes, pumpkin waffles or regular waffles? Make them special with a batch of buttermilk syrup or even a simmering pot of sweetened cranberries, berries, or applesauce to top them with.

Add a bit of holiday flavor to a plain pancake or waffle recipe by adding fruit, berries, or even replacing part or all of the milk in the recipe with eggnog. Even a dash of ground cinnamon in your batter will make them a bit more festive. Cook up a package of sausage or bacon and a few eggs and you will have a wonderful breakfast in no time!

A breakfast casserole is also a wonderful option! Some can be assembled the night before, or put together in no time at all the morning of. Southwestern Breakfast Lasagna is such a tasty treat on any morning.

Breakfast pizza is another wonderful family treat! Many specialty food stores carry a gluten-free crust that you can top with your favorite toppings. There area also several crust recipes on Gling to choose from.

Now for some families, company is coming for breakfast or brunch. A quiche is a wonderful option for brunch. So many wonderful recipes out there, but most important is a good crust. Pie crust is so easy with this recipe on Gling. It has become my favorite and turns out beautifully every time. Once you have your pie crust ready, most any quiche recipe that your family enjoys will work wonderfully.

Whatever you decide to serve your family this Christmas morning, make sure you have something festive and warm to drink! Snowy Peppermint Cocoa is a fun treat. Any cocoa can be made festive with a bit of whipped cream and a candy cane. My kids love hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and a candy cane, they call it "Snow man poop soup".

Cider is another wonderful treat! Cranberry cider is so festive. It is easy to mix up a batch of this and heat it up on Christmas morning.

Hopefully you have some ideas for your family's Christmas morning breakfast. There are so many tasty options to choose from. Visit our Christmas page for more ideas to make Christmas with your family and friends a festive and tasty one.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  • Marissa
    Nov. 24, 2009

    Christmas Day around here is full of running and rushing. We only get a couple hours at home before the rush begins. These tips are great for making that time even better. Thanks!

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  • valeriefender
    Nov. 24, 2009

    That is how it used to be around here too, thankfully we usually get Christmas morning and day at home. Sometimes have family come visit, sometimes it's just us. Either way, we LOVE to have a lazy time in the AM. :-) I hope you find a way to make a special memory on Christmas morning. Enjoy the day with your family!!!

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