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A special dinner with someone special! Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by: valeriefender on Feb. 12, 2010

Romance is in the air! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and romantic dinners for two are on every romantic type persons mind. Are you lost, wondering what to fix for your special someone that they can actually eat and enjoy. Are food issues like gluten, dairy or soy weighing heavy on your mind? Trust me, a special dinner at home is not hard or impossible.

My husband and I find it hard most of the time to get away for a dinner out, just the two of us. Busy schedules, farm and family demands often keep us rather busy and often tired. When we do get the rare chance to have a dinner alone, sadly it is often a quick bite of something. Sound familiar?

Lets face it, life with a family is busy and there are just not enough hours in the day, let alone energy to match the demands on our time. Healthy relationships need that time alone though, and once in a while we just have to make it happen. Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to make it happen, it's the perfect excuse to take time out for yourselves. Isn't that what that day is all about?

So, what's on the menu this time? Not sure? I have a few ideas and many of them are already gluten-free and wonderful just the way they are! How about a pork tenderloin with fruit sauce for starters? Sound good?

Perhaps you are not in the mood for pork. Does Chicken Marsala sound tempting? Sounds good to me!

For a main dish, either of these options would be wonderful and they are both quick and easy to prepare. Yet another bonus in my mind. It will leave you time to really enjoy that special someone you are preparing the meal for. So, you have the main dish idea, how about the rest of the meal?

Maybe a side dish of green beans? It would go well with either main dish option and is also quick and easy and very tasty. Need another idea? A potato casserole is always delicious. Another potato casserole idea is this potato sage casserole, such a yummy flavor combination. Twice baked potatoes are always an easy side dish and you can make them ahead of time very easily.

For me, bread is another important part of a meal. Sometimes hard to find a good bread when cooking gluten-free, but not impossible by any means! There are many options from bread machine breads to fine dinner rolls to biscuits. There are so many delicious options to choose from. Even a loaf of French bread that can be made the day before.

Dessert is always an important part of any meal, as far as I'm concerned. Making a dessert for just two is not something I do often, given the fact that I am usually feeding my whole family and not just my husband and myself. The simplest dessert I've made for just the two of us is custard. Top it with some fresh berries, chopped nuts or a chocolate sauce and a dollop of whipped cream. So good!

Another yummy dessert option is strawberry shortcake. So easy to prepare and almost always a favorite. Plus, it just fits the "color scheme" of Valentine's Day! A recipe for hint of coconut biscuits was recently added to the Gling recipe section. This recipe sounds absolutely amazing and perfect for a strawberry shortcake dessert for two!

Need more ideas? Take a bit of time and browse our recipe section here on Gling. There are a wealth of wonderful and easy options for you to choose from. Make this Valentine's Day a special one for you and your special someone. It can be delicious AND gluten-free!

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