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Name: Betty L. Davenport

About: I am a senior citizen, married to Robert Davenport for 65 years. No children. I was diagnosed about 20 years ago just before we retired. We brought a motor home an traveled to the southwest in the winters and Idaho for the summers. We volunteered at National Wildlife Refuges, Salton Sea State park, Idaho Nature Conservancy, did camp ground hosting during the approximately 15 years of traveling. We moved into this Senior apartment complex about 2 years ago. Our apartment is on the 3rd floor. We had German shorthair Pointers when we started traveling after the death of the last one we added a Bengal Cat to our family. We called him Kato, after the Green Hornet's sidekick as both like to pounce on their victims. I knit & crochet, mostly for hospitals, Veterans homes. I have learned to do Kimis which are photos of several pictures or made of clip art. I don't have a website, but do have a number of Robert's pictures at Two of my brothers are Celiacs, one has pass on and the other has a lot of problems. I have a Facebook & twitter account, but seldom on tthem. I belong to Cat channel, The Cat Site, imikimi & Photobucket.

Location: Meridian, ID

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