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Feb. 26, 2012

A social network for people with all kinds of dietary restrictions

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Classroom party to keep the gluten out.

With school starting soon, class parties are sure to come along soon as well. Make it a fun party year for your kids, having a good intolerance shouldn't bring on the classroom party blues!

What Can I Eat?

Finally a one Stop Shop for you to "Find your Perfect Match" within our Online Pantries for those who have Food Allergies or are searching for solutions to meet Specific Dietary Restrictions. No more endless searching online or within retail outlets, What You Can Eat can partner you to wonderful products Australian Manufacturers are offering and where you can source them.

How in the world did I get here?

My family's journey to becoming gluten-free and loving it. The good, the bad and the yummy!

Gluten Free at the Office

Sometimes social situations can be challenging, particularly when work is involved. So what's a Celiac supposed to do?


allergy free cooking (allergenfree)
Recipes and tips for eating allergen free.
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May 21, 2010

So many new members....

To everyone that has just joined Gling...WELCOME! :-) This is an amazing place to visit and learn about living with food intolerance and allergies. So much information and a ton of tasty recipes to look through and try. Plus, other people that share your struggles in ways that you may not have thought anyone could. We hope you are able to find the information you need and network with others that share this interesting and sometimes frustrating world of food issues!

Share your struggles, you may find help and answers AND help others in the process. Have a favorite recipe? SHARE IT! We all are looking for tasty options for our menus. Even if it's just a good dish, not necessarily one that is "gluten-free". Our goal is to have an amazing collection of good recipes. :-)

Welcome to Gling! :-)

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