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Product Review: Hilary’s World’s Best Veggie Burger

Very allergy friendly.

Product Review: Plentils - Margherita Pizza Flavor

Light, crispy lentil chips.

Product Review: Van’s Gluten Free Mini Waffles

So little and cute.

Product Review: Gluten Free Pumpkin Delight Cookie from Alternative Baking Company Inc.

Like pumpkin pie, only in a cookie.

Product Review: Nana’s Lemon Cookie Bites

Certified Gluten Free and allergy friendly.

Product Review: Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies

No artificial anything :)

Product Review: Lucy’s Sugar Cookies

Light and crispy.

Product Review: Ian’s Gluten Free Fish Sticks

Thanks to Ian’s, I had my first fish stick in over two years :)

Product Review: Van’s French Toast Sticks

French toast from the freezer.

Product Review: Orgran Gluten Free All Purpose Rice Crumbs

These crumbs are so fine that they develop a perfect light and crisp crust.

Product Review: Wylde Sesame Pretzels

These gluten free pretzels offer more than just a cool name.

Product Review: KinniKritters Animal Cookies

An edible gluten free zoo.

Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free Au Naturel Granola

The ultimate in simplicity.

Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free Vanilla Granola

Endlessly versatile, healthy and delicious!

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Sept. 23, 2009

Egg replacers...

I tried using an egg replacer in one of my favorite recipes the other day. Total failure!!! What's the trick??? Are there any suggestions anyone can make. We don't have to avoid eggs, but I do have friends that do.

7 comments (most recent: June 2, 2010)

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