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Product Review: King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Muffin Mix

These muffins are amazing!

Muffins, perfect for busy mornings!

Busy mornings are just on the is about to begin!


They are here! Fresh, juicy strawberries are here and they are amazing!

Snacking on the go

Everyone needs a snack from time to time. Even in our busy days, there are some good choices out there.

All Those Pumpkins!

Just about nothing says Fall like pumpkin! So many ways to enjoy this tasty squash from the flesh to the seeds, both sweet and savory!

Warm and cozy breakfast ideas for a crisp fall morning!

It's that time of year...time for cool, crisp mornings, fall leaves and fall flavors to warm your morning and give you a cozy start to the day! Are you ready?

Muffins...breakfast on the go or the perfect snack.

Looking for the perfect, on the go breakfast treat? How about a muffin?

Lunch box treats!

Give your kids a bit of a smile in their lunch boxes. It's as easy as making their favorite cookie or muffin.

Plan a gluten-free holiday breakfast for your family!

'Tis the season for getting together with family and friends to celebrate the season. Why not plan a breakfast party? A bit different and fun for all.

Tasty breakfast or handy snack idea....fresh in season berries!

Soon, your farmer's markets and produce stands will be brimming with fresh fruits and berries. Take advantage of the fresh flavor options, snacks and breakfast just got easier!

Are you hosting an Easter brunch?

Even if you are not hosting, here are some wonderful ideas for making a wonderful Easter brunch dish for your family and friends.

Looking for some yummy zucchini ideas?

If you love zucchini, know someone that does or are just trying to figure out what to do with the bounty...try these!

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April 14, 2010


This time of year is, for my family anyway, is a busy time. Having healthy and filling snacks and easy breakfasts are top of my list these days. Muffins are so easy and can be made for any taste preference! They are so easy to pack in a lunch box or take with you on your way out the door for soccer or baseball practice. The perfect, portable snack! So, my question is.... What are your kids favorites? What have they missed the most? We'd love to have more recipes ideas to add to Gling's recipe section. Even if you don't have a recipe that is gluten-free it is easy to make them gluten-free. :-) So, what are your kids asking for?

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