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Product Review: Rustic Crust Gluten Free Napoli Herb Pizza Crust

So Easy!

Product Review: Glutenfreeda Three Cheese Pizza Wrap

Like a frozen burrito, but pizza flavored.

Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Udi's crust is taken to the next level.

Product Review: Kinnikinnick Personal Size Pizza Crusts

Amazing flavor and texture!

Super Bowl Food!

It's almost here, can you feel it? Super Bowl fever has hit. Are you still looking for a few tasty options for your gathering? I have a few tasty options for you.

Product Review: Schar Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

Amazing flavor and texture!

Product Review: Chebe Pizza Crust Mix

I love this mix :)

Product Review: Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

A fun adventure in baking.

Product Review: Katz Gluten Free Pizza Crust

These are tasty and versatile.

Football Party Foods!

Having a few friends over to watch the football game? Not sure what you'll serve? Here are a few ideas...tasty!

Product Review: French Meadow Bakery Gluten Free Pizza Crusts

These crusts come with the convenience of their very own pans.

Product Review: Glutino Spinach and Feta Pizza

I was surprised at how good this pizza is.

Uno's Restaurant

Uno's Gluten-Free pizza is tasty

Pizza...Yes you can and it's OH so good!

Pizza is always a hit at my house and we have missed good pizza for far to long here. Not any more!

Chicken Again? Yes!

A fun way to use that leftover chicken.


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Tips and discussion on making the best gluten free pizza
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Dec. 5, 2010

Commercial crusts

What are your favorite commercial pizza crusts, why, and where do you buy them?

Mine are:
(1) Udi's - crisps up nicely and tasty - although I tend to overcook these and end up with an almost burnt pizza. I buy this at Whole Foods or Sprouts.
(2) Mariposa Bakery (Oakland, CA). I drive up to Oakland maybe once a year and buy a case (1 dozen). A little thicker than I'd like but very tasty.

Crusts I've tried which I did not like:
- Amy's rice crust - inedible. we actually threw it out (I think this may have been one of the pre-made pizza's and not just the crust)
- Conte's - I love their frozen GF pasta but the pizza crust was very tasteless to me. I also tried their pre-made pizza's and they had almost no sauce so it was tasteless crust + tasteless toppings.
- Kinnickkinick (sp). - these were my favorites before the others came along but now I am spoiled. These are like little sweet biscuits. Maybe my daughter will like these when she gets older
- Glutino - very similar to Kinnickkinick

I have not found a place where I can buy French Meadow crusts locally but I do like them when I have them at local restaurants - I will not buy them if they have to come in their own tin though (like they do at the restaurants) as that seems very wasteful for a home chef.

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Dec. 5, 2010


what are your favorite local pizza places?

My list:
1. Tony & Alba's (South Bay - multiple locations) Ask for them to pre-bake the crust 5 minutes first - also we ask for extra sauce). They use the French Meadow crust and this is the only place who cooks it crispy enough for us. Great sauce and toppings & great ambiance - owner Al worked with us to figure out how to get the crust right. The San Jose (Winchester/Steven's Creek) location also has polenta and pasta which is GF.

2. Pizza Party (Santa Clara) - a close 2nd - ambiance isn't quite as nice. They use the Venice crust which is our favorite tasting crust. We ask for extra sauce and that they cook it CRISPY.

3. BJ's Brewhouse (multiple locations) - also uses the Venice crust and they cook it very well. A little more pricey than Pizza Party and parking in the Cupertino location can be a nightmare (unless you use valet).

4. Willow Street Pizza (multiple locations) - uses French Meadow crust. Tasty but they never seem to get our order right.

5. Amici's - uses Still Riding Pizza crust -our least favorite, and is the most expensive. We also ask them to cook it crispy but we don't go there anymore because they are way too expensive ($25 for a small pizza) compared to their competition which is more like $10-$15 per pizza.

amici's bj's brewhouse pizza pizza party tony and albas willow street pizza

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