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Product Review: Yummy’s Choice Falafel Pieces

Simple ingredients, complex taste.

Product Review: Mariani Honey Bar (Sesame)

Very simple and natural.

Product Review: Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Brownie Mix

A tasty treat with no odd flavors or aftertaste.

Product Review: Tomato and Basil Crispbreads

A combination snack and cracker with a bit of dinner bread rolled in.

Product Review: Kettle Cuisine Roasted Vegetable Soup

Single servings of soup in the freezer case.

Product Review: Mayacamas Chicken Flavored Gravy Mix

This gravy is gluten free, vegetarian and easy to make.

Product Review: Glutenfreeda Vegetarian Bean and Cheese Burrito

I was very pleased with the overall flavor and quality of this product.


Vegan (vegan)
If you are ALSO Vegan, you'll love this group!
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vegan vegetarian
Vegetarian (vegetarian)
If you are ALSO Vegetarian, you'll love this group!
Members: 10 Topics: 0 Wiki Pages: 0
vegan vegetarian

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